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Long hair problems.


Long hair problems.



In character tumblr blogs

Anyone have them? I’ve started up one a few days and have been basically adding anything from my own drawings, to pictures/gifs, to music of anything that reminds me of my character or has something to do with him. Love to see if anyone else does this that I know on here!



*does the anime character with glasses thing*



boys are so lucky they have boners to tell them that theyre horny because girls are just like am i horny or am i hungry or am i bored i dont know i dont have a dick

That’s definitely an interesting take. But sometimes we get boners for no reason and it’s something like “What is it boy? Did you see something?”


Prepare to have your heart hurt.

Cried like a bitch. Twice.

Stranger in a Strange Land

     The first thing he remembered was the splitting pain at the back of his skull.

      The second was the taste of copper and vomit when his stomach contracted the moment he realized he was continuously falling. All he could see beside him was the stretched images of worlds he didn’t recognize, which then disappeared into the darkness beyond at an incredible speed. 

      The third was the deafening sound akin to a musket shot as he finally ‘pierced’ one of the images, and everything around him became conceivable; sky, landscape on the horizon, icy winds that bit the tips of his ears and whipped his hair in his face, the scent of salt.

      And finally, the last he remembered was the dark water below him that seemed to open up like the maw of a hungry monster; and the way the light of day was snuffed out above him as it swallowed him whole.

      Now, the water lapped calmly at his cheeks and fingertips that were dug into the sand, as if apologizing for the scare it might have caused him, humming a lullaby that would have put him back to sleep if not for the shrill cry of a gull above.

      He mustered the strength to lift his head from the sand, of which was caked to his face and hair, and opened his eyes to the night. In the distance, the blurred image of an orb of light swung side to side, and a four-legged shadow approached him rapidly in long bounds. The telltale sound of a barking canine and the hollers of a young boy calling after it were muffled as if he were still underwater.

      The strength to lift his head faded away as—with his consciousness—came the pounding headache.

      The canine finally reached him and licked salty sand from his face. A prying nose put pressure on the wound he assumed was causing the throbbing pain. His vision faded to black as the form of a teen-aged boy came to a stop in front of him and held the lantern above his head half-buried in the beach.

      Besides the excited pants of the dog and the continuous lap of ocean water, the last thing he heard, in an accent he wasn’t quite familiar with, was: “You’re gonna be alright.”

[[ Feeling a bit confident today so here’s some short writing. ]]

My (beautiful) monster, Iskender…Also nicknamed Skenderman. 

My (beautiful) monster, Iskender…

Also nicknamed Skenderman.